Japanese concepts that will transform your life

Japanese concepts that will transform your life

Ikigai – Discover your purpose in life.

Determine the reason you wake up each morning.

Choose something that aligns with your strengths, passion and the need of the world.

Shikata ga nai – Let go for what you cannot change.

Recognize that there are some things just out of our control and that’s ok. Let go and focus on what you can change.

Wabi – sabi – Find peace in imperfection.

Recognize that nothing in life is perfect, including yourself and others.

Instead of striving for flawlessness, ding joy in the imperfections that make life unique.

Gaman – Preserve your dignity during tough times.

Show emotional maturity and self-control even when faced with challenges.

Remember to be patient, resilient and understanding.

Oubaitori – Don’t compare yourself to others.

Everyone has a different timeline and unique path.

It’s important to focus on your own progress rather that trying to measure yourself against others.

Kaizen – Always seek to improve in all areas of your life.

Even small changes can add up and make a big impact over time.

“when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. when the student is truly ready the teacher will dissappear.”
Tao Te Ching

It is a way of thinking about how to learn and master a technique. There are 3 stages to acquire knowledge:
1. Shu: Learn the basics by following the teaching of one master. Imitating the work of great masters also falls in this stage.
2. Ha: Start experimenting, learn from masters and integrate the learning into the practice.
3. Ri: This stage focuses on innovation and ability to apply your learning to variety of situations